Our Youth

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Our youth are important to our future. Whether youngsters, teenagers or 25 year olds, we must consider what they want and need to stay or attract them to Whanganui.

I don’t believe our Council has considered their needs enough except the 100% Sweet Programme – those without a job or in study.

We have young teenagers wanting things to do after school and in the weekends, youth needing jobs or training and young professionals needing to connect with others of their age and interests.

Council needs to be a facilitator and as Mayor I’ll work with our businesses, associations and clubs to look at:

1.    Apprenticeships and training thats affordable.

2.   Sporting events to engage younger people.

3.   Activities such as a climbing wall, indoor activity centre including bowling alley and a   temporary iceskating rink in winter.

4.   Cycleways and tracks.

Together as a community, we can do this. I’d love your ideas as I know this list is not exhaustive – its just a place to start.