A little about me

I’ve been a sailor¬†since my teens and cruised the Pacific and New Zeland coast extensively – an expanded port facility for pleasure boats would be wonderful!

Before settling in Whanganui, I had a fantastic career in Auckland and Singapore as a risk and insurance specialist working with some of NZ’s biggest businesses and finally with General Motors Asia Pacific. Working with Chief Financial Officers and presenting to Boards of Directors, leading a team of risk specialists, means I have an excellent understanding of business and the economy.

I’m passionate about Whanganui’s heritage and history and with a degree in Fine Arts bring broad understanding of our community to the job.

My husband is a retired Naval commander and is managing our family farm on the Parapara.

As an active Chamber of Commerce member for over 5 years I’ve been meeting with our businesses and learning their issues – I’ve rarely seen other Mayoral candidates there.

I’m also active in Rotary, the¬†Whanganui Regional Heritage Trust Board and until recently was the owner and publisher of Awa Event Guide Whanganui.

We have two grown sons.



The Boys!