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Why Vote for Me

  • I’ve got the vision, knowhow and I’m all about action.
  • I’ve got small and big business background and we farm up the Parapara.
  • I’ve got a Fine Arts Degree and involved in promoting tourism and saving our heritage.
  • I’ve had  3 years on Council learning the complex issues and a proven record of initiating changes.
  • I’ve got the full range of skills and experience to lead this fantastic District into the exciting future we all know it has.
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Goals in Brief

  • Growth in quality jobs and population with  business incentives and great marketing.
  • Rates increases pulled right back to maximum 3% per annum.
  • Transformation in WDC operations to make it effective, efficient   and truly business friendly.
  • Save our heritage buildings with rates remissions and incentives.
  • Sensible governance with Councillor pay linked to meeting attendance and clearly defined obligations.

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  • Growth in population and jobs since 2013 elections – after years of decline.
  • I’ve supported the project to fill empty shops – known as Collective Whanganui –  with Doreen Hardy of Mainstreet Wanganui.
  • I’m on the Board of Visit Whanganui and heralded in tourism growth for three solid years
  • Economic growth is now top of Councils agenda instead of being seen as an expense.
  • New community glass facility under construction to ensure our long-term future as a centre of New Zealand Glass.
  • I’m leading a new initiative to save our heritage and history by establishing local and national heritage awards plus incentives to save our buildings

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Targets / Press Releases


If you are able to help with the campaign to ensure Helen is elected as Mayor of our city and district, then please complete sign up , so that we can ensure we have your correct contact details and a better idea of what you are available to assist with.
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If you are interested in supported my campaign financially, then that would be most appreciated. Please click through to the submission section and complete the form accordingly. Your generosity will be acknowledged.
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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by telephone or complete the Enquiry Form on the right. I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Tel:  06 345 7029
Mobile: 021 103 0737.
Email: helen@helencraigformayor.co.nz

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