Sustainability, Protection and the Environment

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  • Our Storm/Flood and Civil Defence preparedness needs will be better supported. ACTION: Appropriate staffing in place and a review of the robustness of our  underground pipe network and culverts to cope with increasing rain and flooding events. Are minimum building floor heights adequate?
  • We must stop pumping raw sewerage and dangerous chemicals directly out to sea, poisoning our sea life and beaches. 5 years is enough!! ACTION: We will build a cost effective and affordable plant within the next three years.
  • Kerbside recycling. ACTION: We will re-evaluate by year 3 of my first term.
  • Plastic bag free. ACTION: Work with Sustainable Whanganui and our retailers to a goal of plastic bag– isn’t that the least we can do for our kids?
  • Rural Road support: ACTION: Support to protect rural roads from excessive logging and flood damage. Lobby Government to increase their roading subsidy that is currently decreasing.
  • Rubbish bins. ACTION: Bins need boosting in the urban and rural areas to cope with overflow from tourism and innapropriate dumping.
  • Council Investments: ACTION: Sell Forestry investments when prices are high.
  • Debt: ACTION: Continue our sinking lid policy on debt.
  • Trees in the urban environment are a source of pride, beauty and distinguish us from other centres. The trip hazard and drain issues caused by roots and leaves must be constantly addressed.  ACTION: Ensure trees continue to be a priority in the Tree Strategy, but are also practical and appropriately placed, renewed and maintained. Broken footpaths around tree roots will be evaluated in this upcoming term and a repair plan committed to.
  • Street lighting is a major energy user. ACTION:  Roll out of LED replacement will continue over the next several years.