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We have wonderful arts, heritage and sporting events organised by volunteers with only a small contribution from Council and yet they manage to attract positive attention and visitors to Whanganui.  Council must utilise the collective power of those community groups to provide a cohesive program to promote the city.

We also have wonderful resources and people-

  • A heritage town centre
  • Sarjeant Gallery- nationally recognised
  • Whanganui Regional Museum with an international collection
  • Royal Whanganui Opera House
  • Heritage Paddle boats
  • River adventures
  • Bike trail
  • Excellent and broad sporting facilities
  • Wonderful west coast beach
  • Strong culture
  • Central position – 2 1/2 hours to many locations
  • Music, theatre and art

We must have a clear marketing plan, message and organisation established that is community lead and Council supported, to effectively market Whanganui as a great place to visit, live and do business. Whanganui and Partners must be organised and funded to better function and fulfil Whanganui’s potential.