Improvements to Basic Services

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I’ve been meeting with community groups and retailers and its clear from feedback that you want better basic services such as:

  • Another public toilet in the Avenue – preferably in the 4th block – where the eateries are.
  • Curbside recycling.
  • More pedestrian crossings, especially for our young or less mobile folk and our increasing numbers of elderly including across Taupo Quay near the market and across Gt North Road on St Johns Hill near the dairy.
  • Improvements to footpaths in poor condition due to tree roots.
  • Trees trimmed where leaves cause constant gutter clogging.
  • A review of parking times in the Avenue – 1 hour is just not enough.
  • Tight controls on dangerous dogs and barking nuisance.

A parking review is just getting underway and we’re toughening up on bad owners of dogs but improvements are still needed. I’m taking your suggestions seriously, I’ll be lobbying for these in the next Annual Plan round. ┬áIf there’s anything else you want to add, let me know.