Buy Local Policy

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In 2014 councillors discussed a Buy Local policy to  give some recognition to the economic impact local purchasing can have on the economy.  The law governing Local Government requires Council to purchase goods and services at the most economical return for ratepayers funds. Technically therefore this prevents councils paying a price above the cheapest available just to give the contract to a local suppliers.

On the face of it, this is sensible, but since Council is the biggest business in town, this means a huge amount of money can leave the District and severely impact our future economic health.

Despite the law, Council agreed a 10% premium on local contracts up to $100,000. Its not a lot, but it is a start. We encourage contracts to be placed with local suppliers and generally speaking this is happening as long as the price and quality match.

I have been concerned that library books have been purchased out of town for some time and am looking forward to local contracts being offered to local suppliers in the near future as Council reviews its existing contracts. With purchases in the region of $300,ooo over annum, this is a considerable spend.

Updated: 26 August 2016